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BOO BOO BUSTERS, Momprenuer’s Professional Babyproofing Service,
Makes Feature Film Debut in “Baby Mama”
Movie Imparts Vital Child Injury Prevention Information to Audiences Nationwide

(March 27, 2008) Ladera Ranch, CA Boo Boo Busters™ Professional Babyproofing Services lands prime product placement in upcoming comedy feature film starring TINA FEY, AMY POEHLER, SIGOURNEY WEAVER and GREG KINNEAR. The lead character’s plan to babyproof her home early (during pregnancy) sends an enlightening and conscientious message to expectant parents about being proactive regarding child injury prevention in the home.

“I love it when a movie sends a message that can actually save lives!” explains Kimberlee Mitchell.  “Albeit comedic in the film, it’s wise to start the process of babyproofing your home before you bring your newborn home. But more often than not, many parents get caught up with a busy new lifestyle with a new baby subsequently waiting too long to babyproof and traumatic accidents happen.  Hopefully this film will plant the seed in the minds of expecting parents across the nation to be proactive and babyproof early.”

Shockingly the number one cause of death for little ones is home accidents, according to SafeKids International.  That means we are losing our kids due to unnecessary accidents under our own supervision.  The good news is that about 90% of cases can be prevented.  The challenge before all parents is to become aware of all the hazards, including the obvious and hidden, in homes and implement safe solutions by way of the installation of child safety devices, changing personal habits and/or removing objects from the home.  For handy do-it-yourselfers who have more time than budget, the internet is chock full of “how to” information.  There are also professional services available for those who choose to hire babyproofing pros, as seen in “Baby Mama.”  Consulting is a good place to start for all expecting parents.

In the film, Kate (TINA FEY) has hired Boo Boo Buster (JAY PHILLIPS) a professional babyproofer, to come and babyproof her home for her unborn baby.  In response to a comment from him regarding getting an early jump on things Kate says, “You're the best in the city. I couldn’t risk being put on a waiting list.”  While the uniformed, Boo Boo Busters logo clad child safety professional installs a vast array of child safety devices in her apartment, he comments, “No kid under the age of 7 will be able to get past this.”  Babyproofing, also known as childproofing, tackles hazards in the home for all children ranging from newborns to older kids and also those with autism.  Parents can choose to babyproof the entire house all at once to cover every development stage of childhood in one fell swoop or they can do so in phases, which is easier on the budget.  For example, toilet locks are a safeguard for curious toddlers who have been known to fall into the toilet and drown, whereas window guards are targeted toward older children who have the ability to open windows and unintentionally fall out.  Locking up toxic chemicals or alcohol safeguards kids of all ages and should be done early on as well as the imperative installation of permanent mounted gates on staircases to prevent falls.

“The peace of mind that comes from knowing your home has been professionally babyproofed is priceless,” explains Mitchell.  “We have endless responsibilities as parents, and this one ranks among the top.  I personally believe safety is paramount, however many parents are not aware of all the dangers that lurk in our homes so they tend to me more lax about things.  The statistics are staggering! I encourage and, in fact, challenge parents to get informed and learn more about potential safety hazards and injury prevention ideas for any environment where their child will spend time including their home, grandma’s, auntie’s, or any caretaker to ensure a safe childhood for their precious little ones.” 

Universal Pictures contacted Mitchell regarding this product placement opportunity in May of 2007. Shortly thereafter Mitchell began speaking with the film's set decorator and consulted with them as to which child safety devices needed to be installed where in Kate’s Manhattan apartment set.  “She described the set to me, we discussed the potential safety hazards and then I prescribed safe and esthetic solutions,” explained Mitchell of her conversations with the set decorator.  Four large cases of products were sent from Boo Boo Buster’s warehouse in Southern California to the set in New York City.

Film Summary
Successful and single businesswoman Kate Holbrook
(TINA FEY, Saturday Night Live, writer, creator and star of the NBC’s 30 Rock and film Mean Girls) has long put her career ahead of a personal life. Now 37, she's finally determined to have a kid on her own. But her plan is thrown a curve ball after she discovers she has only a million-to-one chance of getting pregnant. Undaunted, the driven Kate allows South Philly working girl Angie Ostrowiski (AMY POEHLER, Blades of Glory, Shrek 3, Anchorman, and SNL) to become her unlikely surrogate. Simple enough ... After learning from the steely head of their surrogacy center that Angie is pregnant, Kate goes into precision nesting mode: reading childcare books, babyproofing the apartment and researching top pre-schools. But the executive's well-organized strategy is turned upside down when her Baby Mama shows up at her doorstep with no place to live. An unstoppable force meets an immovable object as structured Kate tries to turn vibrant Angie into the perfect expectant mom. In a battle of wills, they will struggle their way through preparation for the baby's arrival. And in the middle of this tug-of-war, they'll discover two kinds of family: the one you're born to and the one you make. Writer is MICHAEL McCULLERS (Co-writer of Austin Powers 2 & 3, and Thunderbirds) and LORNE MICHAELS (SNL creator, Waynes World, Mean Girls) and JOHN GOLDWYN (Hot Rod, I’m Not There, Dexter) are producing.  Film is slated for wide release on April 24, 2008.
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