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Accidental injury is the number one killer of our children, taking more lives than disease and violence combined.

By babyproofing and taking other simple safety precautions, it's estimated that 90 percent of these accidental injuries can be avoided. The big problem is, most parents simply don't know about the dangers that lurk in their homes. Injury occurs and they deem it "unavoidable" or a "freak accident."

Prevention is the solution by way of education.

BooBooBusters is dedicated to lowering the tragic statistics of Child Injuries by educating new parents. Boo Boo Busters does this by way of servicing several counties with our professional babyproofing services, conducting a wide variety of public speaking engagements, working with the Perinatal Education departments of local hospitals, joining in-store events with Babystyle stores and by offering consulting services to the news media.

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