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Patio & Railing Protection

Many homes and apartments have Balconies stairwells and Patio banisters or railing. If your home is old or new, it is possible that your railing might not meet new safety codes. Even state safety codes for homes are not the same as what is recommended for babies and toddlers.

Plexiglass is the safest and best looking solution for railing protection. Plexiglass prevents falls, climbing hazards, throwing objects and looks virtually invisible in your home.

Plexiglass is custom cut to your specific home needs and its completely non permanent and removable, leaving no damage.

Plexiglass is also a good solution for protecting against the hazards of low window glass in your child’s area.We would be happy to come to your home and determine if plexiglass is the best solution for your areas of concern.

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