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Pressure gates are great for low traffic areas that need to be closed off. We use these to gate off dining room or in an area where we are unable to drill into wall (i.e. glass, stone, wood, metal, etc.) They should NEVER be used at a stair top as they can be pushed over and child can fall down stairs.

Pressure Walk Through:
This top rated pressure mounted, walk-through gate that installs quickly. The u-shaped frame stays firmly in place while the center walk-through door swings in either direction.
Constructed of strong tubular steel and 29 ½" tall, it's great for kids and pets. Basic gate fits openings 29 ½" to 37½" wide and with extension ($39) will go to 48 1/8. Available in three colors: White, Black, Platinum. ($120)
Pressure gates – A Common Misnomer:

It’s a common misnomer that pressure gates don’t cause wall damage. They DO CAUSE DAMAGE to plaster and/or drywall and most often require patching. Pressure gates often loosen when used in high traffic areas and need to be retightened causing excessive pressure to walls resulting in cracking and/or wall indentation. Our advice is forgo the frustration of having to adjust the loose pressure gate every week and use a wall mounted gate instead. The hole you will have to patch with a wall mounted gate will most likely be smaller than the damage a pressure gate will cause.

Mesh Pressure:
This fold up gate is ideal for temporary situations, no tools or hardware are needed for installation as it uses four non-skid, non-marking mounting pads. It comes with a pressure gauge to indicate proper locking tension and allows an adult to easily release the handle and gate using one hand. Constructed of steel, nylon and mesh this see-through gate is extremely lightweight. The 4.5 pound Gateway to Go is designed for openings 28" to 36" wide and stands 29" high, making it great for pets, too. Carrying case measures 27" x 9" x 2". ($85)
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