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Stair gates must be wall mounted with custom hardware for your child’s utmost safety. Adults should never climb over gates and older children should not swing on open gate as this type of excessive pressure can and will rip gate from wall. More injuries are reported from parents taking a shortcut over the gate. Taking care of little ones is a hard enough job – let us help you pick the right well functioning gate so YOU don’t get injured! Keep stair gates closed at all times when small children are in the home. We get sidetracked and forget easily so just CLOSE it.

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Approved by the JPMA and IACFS, our “Mommy’s Favorite” gates are exceptional as they are safe, esthetic, customizable and no fuss as they truly meld right into the flow of your household, keeping your baby (and subsequent ones) safe giving you invaluable peace-of mind. You can even kick it closed, which comes in handy with a new baby in tow. Available in black and white. One gate covers openings from 26-40 inches.  Ten inch and 21 ¾” extensions are available and can be combined to fit any width.  ($120 per gate; 10 and 21 ¾ inch extensions are additional.)

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Approved by the International
Association for Child Safety (IAFCS)